During the last Geneva Motor Show, Renault has released videos concerning technical innovations embedded in its car models.
This video is about the 3D Sound by Arkamys which is integrated in many vehicules of the brand, including the Mégane Coupé Cabriolet.

Atelier Renault presents 3D Sound by Arkamys in Renault Fluence

The Atelier Renault, the famous showroom on the Champs Elysées in Paris invites his visitors to discover the audio system 3D Sound by Arkamys on the new Renault Fluence.
This sedan offers high end equipments and many technological features included the 3D Sound by arkamys. The new Fluence will go on sale in november 2009 in [...]

How is 3D Sound by Arkamys adjusted?

In order to ensure the best performance, 3D Sound by Arkamys requires a large number of manual adjustments, this is the job of the acoustician, or ‘Golden Ear’ as he is known. These are not the minor adjustments needed to fine-tune the digital processing performed on a car radio, but a form of customisation that [...]

What are the advantages of 3D Sound by Arkamys over other car radio systems ?

The first advantage, and by no means the least, is that 3D Sound by Arkamys is affordable. Thanks to an operating concept based entirely on correction software, 3D Sound by Arkamys does not require a complex and expensive hi-fi installation. No amplifier is attached to the radio, there are no additional speakers, the spatialisation effect [...]

What is 3D Sound By Arkamys ?
3DSound by Arkamys is an audio processing software program designed to spatialise sound, in other words adapt volume so that the listener thinks the sound is originating from several sources. Unlike the 5.1 systems, 3D Sound by Arkamys…